During the lockdown, students of the department of applied photography and time-based media developed a photographic alphabet.
The limited working space is examined, deciphered, manipulated and translated into (photographic) letters and numbers.

The result is a common pictorial script that challenges the contemplation of the everyday but also refers to the individual situations in isolation.

The relationship between motif, text and semiotic, visual language and type face is experimentally shifted by the actual use as a writing tool - TYPE A PHOTO EDITORIAL.

Muhassad Al-Ani

Anahita Asadifar

Marija Ðondović

Vincent Forstenlechner

Ines Frieda

Dora Denerak

Elif Gunduz

Julian Lee-Harather

Nora Hollstein

Vrinda Jelinek

Anna Manabe

Luca Müller

Pavle Nikolić

Olesya Parfenuk

Brankica Sanadrovic

Daria Savytska

Mariia Sizikova

Lea Sonderegger

Laura Spes

Huizi Yao

Moritz Zangl