Temporäre Unordnung

Book Project


Temporäre Unordnung

Book Project

782 pictures from the parliament building in vacancy

Within the framework of a cooperation project between the University of Applied Arts and the Austrian Parliamentary Administration, students of the Department of Applied Photography and Time-Based Media had the extraordinary opportunity to move around and take photographs in the historic building on the Ring shortly after the parliament moved out and construction work began. The aim was to explore the limits of a politically and security-related sensitive place like this, to play with the possibilities in an enjoyable way. The book leads into an assembly of the individually found forms of expression as representatives of the 782 photographs in analogy to the parliament as a representation of the people. Two text contributions are added to the picture section. Margarete Affenzeller talked to the students and tells from their perspective about the "place of the event". Rainhard Braun approaches the topic from a photo-theoretical perspective. By choosing newspaper printing, book designer Nik Thönen takes up the temporary narrative of the book in print and paper.

The publication appears in the series Edition Angewandte at the publishing house De Gruyter, as a joint project of the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Department of Applied Photography and Time-Based Media in cooperation with the Austrian Parliamentary Administration as part of the general renovation of the historic building on the Ring.

Muhassad Al-Ani, Anahita Asadifar, Evelyn Bencicova, Lisa Edi, Marija Ðondović, Erli Grünzweil, Julian Lee-Harather, Susanna Hofer, Nora Hollstein, Vrinda Jelinek, Nora Kelig Hibat-Ullah Khelifi, Martina Lajczak, Simon Lehner, Marlene Mautner, Nadia Morozewicz, Pascal Petignat, Marcella Ruiz Cruz, Mariia Sizikova, Lea Sonderegger, Maša Stanić, Daniela Trost

Parliamentary Directorate - Project Rehabilitation Parliament and University of Applied Arts, Pascal Petignat

Pascal Petignat, Nik Thönen

Text contributions from
Margarete Affenzeller, Reinhard Braun

Statments from
Wolfgang Sobotka, Gerald Bast

Pascal Petignat

Book design
Nik Thönen

Published 2020 by Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston; ISBN 978-3-11-11-070240-8

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